Spring is in the Air!

Canada’s Victoria Day long weekend was just a week ago. The weather was incredibly nice, and everybody was out there enjoying the sunshine, getting their gardens, backyards ready for the summer. I was so excited to start working in my little garden, shopping for garden items and picking up my flower baskets. After all, seasons are good, specially the spring. That time of the year when flowers bloom, birds sing and it’s amazing to see life everywhere. Everything is blooming, so do the smiles 🙂  Happy faces everywhere 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Mother Nature has started to sprinkle so many beautiful colors around us. Don’t you think that it’s our turn to respond back in the same style? Put away all the dark shades you have been wearing all winter long and welcome spring!

See what I have picked to go back to work – one of my favourite shades. This Green is perfect for spring! It’s so subtle yet soul awakening for me.



It was mid-twenties Celsius out there, yet if you’re like me and always cold, keep those winter sweaters in your wardrobe until the summer months, but swap out pants for a short skirt. This is great for transitioning between seasons.


I love wearing heels, especially to work. It instantly changes my mood in a good way and here I am wearing one of my favorite pairs. The shade of blue compliments the green in my outfit and kind of matched the blue in my skirt. When it comes to jewelry, options are endless. I decided to wear a big statement necklace.


IMG_4067You may think it’s too much for the office. Hmm… may be not! It Just blended in very nicely, especially the green piece in the middle, making it part of the sweater.


Put my glasses on grabbed my purse and I was so ready to start my work week. May be you would wear something similar to work this Monday?


Until next time, Stay blessed! X0x0

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