Nice & Bright Florals

My To-Do-List on a weekend is quite long, but out of all, just picked the one that’s close to the heart – to visit my sisters! For a change, I was taking the local roads, and happened to see this very colorful Chinese temple. You don’t believe how eye-catching it was; I just had to do a quick stop-over, although I wasn’t ready for a temple visit. The background colors were so matching my outfit and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures!


I have been eying for some summer dresses for a few weeks. The search kind of came to a hold when I saw this maxi! The combination of the floral print on this beautiful bright blue, plus the low price tag was yelling buy me! buy me!


This light-weight dress is perfect for a relaxed summer weekend outing. It is loose fitted yet complements my figure in a comfortable way, without grabbing too much attention. I kept my jewelry simple (I anyway don’t wear too many pieces on a casual outing!) but enhanced the look with a red, crossover purse with a gold chain.


The best thing about this dress is that I could style it in a few different ways depending on the weather and the occasion. Today, I decided to go simple, just the way it is.


When it comes to color combinations, style options are endless. The dress carries a blend of few solid colors which gives the opportunity to easily transition from a day look to a night look with a bold red lip!


It is said that “fashion is something you buy and style is what you do with it”. I can go on and on as to how to wear this differently, but going to stop here for now.

Until next time, Stay blessed! X0x0

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