A Cowgirl Outfit with a Modern Twist

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It’s officially a long weekend here in Canada and I couldn’t be happier that mine is a longer one. I have been off work over the past few days to do really nothing but decided to take it easy before I shift gears to full swing next week at work and school. It already sounds like a lot right, so better not mention the other million things on my plate lined up for the next few months.

Now that we are in early September with slightly dropping temperatures, I am slowly getting ready for the fall season to arrive. But to tell you the truth, I am not yet done with my summer fun and I am sure that you are not too.

I have been road tripping a lot this summer and farms have been a big highlight in many of those trips. This definitely inspired me to create a Cow girl look but with a modern twist. I had this summer dress for a little while and have worn multiple times but I must admit this cowgirl look is my favourite so far. What I like the most about my outfit is the ankle boots. The silver details and the lace give it a nice punch and its been a pointy is plus as it instantly gives me a more leaner look. If you are on the shorter side like myself, pointy shoes are something you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe. Also, these boots are great for most seasons, especially for spring and fall as you can wear them with tights, denims etc. Having talked about the arrival of fall, all you need is a black cape to make this a good transitional outfit.







Until next time, stay blessed.




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