Fall Must Haves!

Feels like the last couple of weeks just happened to be one long day, rolling one day to the next. We had a friend-couple visiting Toronto from Australia, meaning – hosting them, partying and hanging out with them till super late at night, and dress up and rush to work with just a few hours of sleep. Trust me, all that was great fun and felt that was the best way to wrap our good summer days, also with the promise that we visit them in Australia. Yeah, now that is exciting!!!

While we were busy, fall officially arrived here, cooling down the temperatures. Guess what, it’s time for a wardrobe change. (If you are not done with your summer clothes, that’s ok as there is always hope for next summer!) While I was re-organizing my closet, thought I would share my list of fall must haves with you. Here goes the top picks;

  1. A good chunky sweater – I think this is something that every girl should have in her closet. It’s a staple piece that keeps you warm, cozy, and comfy.
  2. A leather Jacket – One of my favorites (hence a weakness) Every time I see one at the stores I am so tempted to buy it, although I have a few of them in different colors. I must say leather jackets are timeless pieces. I have seen them in past falls and of course have returned this season as well. It is a great layering piece that takes your casual looks to the next level. Actually a good quality jacket should last you for years.
  3. A Blazer – this is a great layering piece as well. Great for the office for a formal look or with denims for a more casual/smart casual look.
  4. A good pair of boots – another obsession of mine. Ankle boots with a chucky heel is great for everyday wear and can go with any outfit with denims, pants, skirts and even dresses. Talking about boots, a pair of “over the knee boots” is a great addition to your wardrobe that also takes your outfit to the next level.
  5. A Scarf – a lighter scarf is great during early fall and you may want to have a good chucky one for later months that would also be worn in the winter. They are great to beat the cold and also a great accessory for any outfit.
  6. Tights – a must have for me. These can be worn with skirts, dresses and even under pants if the weather is too chilly out there. Pairing tights, mini-skirts/dresses with boots gives you a chic effect while keeping you warm.

If you are living in a place fall is a regular season, I am sure you already have all or most of these items, but if you are moving or traveling to such places then I think these are the best stuff to invest your money on. The best thing about all these essentials are timeless and they comeback every year. If you don’t have these in your closet yet, and think of buying, then best time to do it is usually the end of season when they go on sale.

Please stay tuned to see how I incorporate these pieces in my outfits in this fall season. If you want to buy these and are on a tight budget, then Forever21 is great place to start your shopping. They almost always have good buys!

Until next time stay warm & stylish,


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