Fall/Winter Look Book 2016

Happy new year to all you beautiful friends! Another year has come to an end and needless to say that 2016 has been a busy one for me with planned and unplanned events. For those who asked me or wondered about as to why I have not been posting lately, it is nothing but pure busyness. I hate to say that, but the truth has been such. So, I thought I would recap few of my favourite looks I wore during the fall and winter months in 2016, and here you go!

The number one place goes to my favourite look of the fall 2016. Actually this is by far my favourite look on the blog. I have combined few of favorite pieces to create this classic look. I received this coat as a gift and I love it so much. Don’t you think the fur coat deserves a full post for itself.

The second outfit is a variation of the first one for a more casual relaxed look. With these sneakers it can’t get any more comfortable than this.

What I love most about my third outfit is the fur boots! They are slide-ins and hence not the easiest to put on and take off. I have been wearing a lot of motor or leather jackets in the fall months and this one is a personal favorite. The color is gorgeous for the fall season and blends in well with boots. You can easily switch this fall outfit into a winter look by swapping the leather jacket with a more warmer coat.

I wore this fourth look for a casual date out on a beautiful fall day. But you can also wear this to a semi-casual party or may be to your office if that is the vibe there.

The last but not least is my sweater dress that my sister gave me. At first, I wasn’t too sure if I like this dress as it looked a little weird lol. After hanging in my wardrobe for months I finally thought it is a very unique one and should give it a try. After all it is not that bad and made it to my favourite list. The sweater dress definitely is made out of good warm material and great for fall weather and can go without a jacket. I like to wear the excess material piece that is hanging on the collar as a scarf so it gives a put-together look. I wore this to a casual outing and opted for comfy low heel boots, but I am sure high heels boots would have taken this look to the next level. Let’s do that next time!

Here is one big tip for winter/fall fashion – pick one statement piece that elevates your look, that is a coat, jacket, shoes or pants. If you combine too many fancy pieces together, it looks messy and complicated.

I saved the best note for last. Thank you for all your support since I launched my blog last year. Thank you for letting me share my style with you. Your comments and feedback means so much to me. So tell me in the comments which look is your favourite. Also, if you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet please click on the Follow button on the upper right hand corner of this page. I swear, I wont bombard with you tons of emails.

Once again, wish you and yours a wonderful 2017! Stay blessed, x0x0


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