My Top 10 Life Lessons

It was my HAPPY birthday about couple of weeks ago. First of all, a big thank you to  everyone who took time to send me best wishes.
This day has never been a big deal of my life, but a simple family affair. It could be  due to two reasons. One because, my family hardly threw any big birthday parties for anyone. Two because, I always wondered as to why one should celebrate his/her own birthday, especially when Buddhism had taught me that birth is the start of a life full of suffering and one should try to stop this cycle of birth and death to achieve the ultimate Nirwana. However, on the other hand, I believed that there are some individuals whose birthdays should be celebrated by everybody without borders, because they have done something remarkable to bring positive change to this world and humankind.
Now that I am getting older and older, my view on life is certainly changing. I now believe that life is full of uncertainties and challenges that making it to the next birthday is surely something to celebrate but humbly.
Over the fast decade or so, I have been watching my life and others’ and realised a few things which I believe are worth sharing. So, here are my top life lessons:
1. You are super unique as an individual, so stay as such and be authentic. That means your only competition must be you and you only. You should try to become better every day and to achieve your full potential. Trust me, this is harder than any other competition, but if you do so, then you will be second to none.
2. There is nothing more important than a family. Sometimes we take them for granted, thinking they are there regardless of our actions and reactions. But situations can change in the blink of an eye. So appreciate their presence in our life and don’t forget to show your love to them every so often.
3. Dream BIG because opportunities are endless! Most importantly, protect your dream and don’t let anyboby tell you you can’t have it. Then work hard to acheive it. If you don’t have your own dream, then someone else will use you to realize theirs.
4. There is no substitute for hard work even if you are smart at work because dreams don’t work unless you do. Remember, life didn’t promise us anything at birth.  So, if you need something, you better do something about it without expecting anybody else to do it for you. The world doesn’t owe you anything.
5. People pleasing is not always a good thing. Learn to say NO to things and people who stress you out, without explaining yourself!  It is as important as saying YES to things that make you happy.
6. Life is limited! Always choose your power to choose. We don’t have much time to waste on wrong things, be it your friends, relationships, jobs or any other opportunity out there.
7. Everything is temporary regardless its good or bad, happy or sad. Tuff times shall pass as the best times and always remember that the best way out is always through. On the other hand, life is full of uncertainties. When you step out the house in the morning, you may never know that you will return home live, meaning, it could be the last time you see someone or they see you. Treat everybody with respect and leave a positive remark behind. Always stay humble and kind!
8. Happiness is an attitude and is in your control. Set it right! The moment you stop expecting other people or circumstances to make you happy, you become the controller of your own emotions. Trust me, this is a very powerful position.
9. Failure is part of success, so don’t afraid to take risks and challenge yourself. If you have never failed in life, then you probably have not challenged yourself enough.
10. Travel as much as and as far as you can. Life is not meant to be spent in one space because we are born to a bigger place called “World”, not just a city or a country and its yours to explore.
Here’s the bonus lesson: Don’t fall in love, but always RISE in love!
Until next time,
Stay Blessed!

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