My Mini MAC Haul

Hope you had an amazing Christmas!

Who did some boxing day shopping this year? I wasn’t actually planning but when I saw that MAC was offering 25% off, I knew I had to stock up some of my favorites. Also it was a good time to use up a gift card sitting on my wallet for months. Value for the buck moment!

The moment I hit the store, I was all set to suffer the Boxing Day madness. If you love MAC like I do, you know what mean, but was careful not to go crazy with all the great products. This is what I love most about the Two Faced “I have way more make up at home” bag – my gentle reminder to self! I was tough enough only to pick two of my favorites and their best sellers;

  1.  Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation

E0EB66A2-15A7-4659-BC0C-841CDF3B3B93.jpeg This is an oil-controlling formula that offers a matte finish with medium to full coverage. Although my skin is more on the dry side especially in the colder months, I love how this foundation sets and feels on my skin. Its smooth and gives a more flawless look and finish. I always get complements whenever I where this foundation. You know what the best thing about Studio Fix? It is one of the cheapest high-end foundations you will ever find in the market at C$34. It comes in 42 shades and you should be able to find a match.

I have been a MAC lover ever since I started doing makeup and needless to say it was one of my first high-end makeup brands I ever owned.


C8664F14-0C30-4F9E-8C69-5A9E3A8A1AB0 This lightweight clear water mist is quite a unique product and a lot of people swear by this for a reason. Infused with vitamins and minerals, it soothes and refreshes the skin before and/or after makeup. I don’t know why, but I first thought it’s a setting spay. I guess you could, but as the name says its a prepping/priming spray. But I still go with my fist impression and use it as a setting spray and whenever I feel like my skin needs a boost. I love how it injects life back to my dry skin on bone-chilling cold winter days. But I still think it’s a little too pricy at C$28.

What are your MAC favorites? Please let me know in the comments below.

Best wishes for a happy new year to you & yours!




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