Thanksgiving Weekend + Pumpkin Festival

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Hope you had an amazing weekend filled with family, friends and a lots of food!

Actually, we’ve been thinking of going away this long weekend, but the weather forecast wasn’t encouraging. So decided to stay in town and checkout the Pumpkin Fest at the Downey’s Farm in Caledon.

The forecast was correct, it  was gloomy and drizzling when I woke up Saturday morning – a perfect day to sleep-in.  But, I’m so glad I pushed myself out the bed and headed to the farm. When driving through the misty country roads, all I was expecting to see was a few people, but boy, I was wrong, it was crazy busy out there that we actually had to park at an additional parking lot across the road.

There were hundreds of huge Pumpkins which made a beautiful backdrop for photo-shoots. It’s no surprise how a lot of newborn, engagement and family portraits were taking over the area. Although photobombing was hard to avoid, I also managed click some pictures and here are few of my favorites;







Thank you for all your support so far!

Until next time,

Stay blesses,



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