Let’s Wrap-up 2018 on a High Note

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Another year has almost come to an end and we are just a couple of days away from a brand-new year. I always find this time of the year to be very exciting.

Who doesn’t like the holidays right? After a full year of hard work, its time to celebrate all the achievements with family and friends. I have been taking the past few days lightly to unwind and relax. I hope you are too. As a ritual, I always spend the last week of December cleaning my house, putting away clutter and organizing everything from my kitchen to  the closet to my makeup and everything else in between. It just sets a nice tone for the new year.  

There is another opportunity for a fresh start, to set new resolutions and to get back on our old ones that we forgot along the way in the past year. Isn’t that a lovely feeling to forgive and give ourselves another chance? Although I don’t believe January 1st is the best day to start anything new, I must say there is a little kick to that, may be because that’s the most floated vibe in the air around this time of the year .

2018 has been an incredible year for me or rather one of the best years in my life. Its not because a lot of great things happened or nothing bad happened at all. It has more to do with how I treated situations and most importantly because I took my life easy, not giving too much weight to anything really. Going forward, I will embrace this philosophy more and more.     

Thank you so very much for hanging out with me for another year. I promise that next year is going to be big on the blog as I have some exciting things lined up, so stay tuned!

Wish you all a wonderful new year. Will meet again in 2019!




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